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Mary McCracken Letter to Gov Perdue

Mary McCracken
Post Office Box 213
Tybee Island, Georgia

January 31, 2003

The Honorable Sonny Perdue, Governor
State of Georgia
203 State Capitol
Atlanta, GA 30334

Dear Governor Perdue:

Exhilaration! January 12, 13, 2003. No other word fits. At the evening gathering of celebrating Georgians from everywhere; at the solemn ceremony where positions passed lawfully witnessed by thousands of jubilant Georgians and accompanied by triumphant Scottish marches; and at your beautiful home where joy radiates from Mary and you, Honorable Sonny, as you graciously extended warm greetings to everyone. Thank you for wonderful memories.

The following is a response to your request of saving state money.

Highway 80 from Lazaretto Creek to Bull River is a gloriously expansive scenic drive over marshland and waterways. Magnificent palm trees and beautifully bountiful oleander shrubs that bear gorgeous blooms line the two and three lane 5 ½ mile drive. Over the past year many of these plants are missing in alarming numbers, although noone ever sees when and who removes them. Alas, very late one night/early morning, I drove to Tybee past a lighted truck with men in motion and realized that removal of these greens occurs at night in darkness. At one time I counted 142 palm trees, now 94 remain.

Our roads are not crowded except during the summer weekends. I believe that the trees are removed at night so that citizens will not notice until it is too late. Thank heavens, Governor, your are here to listen, learn, and hopefully stop the destruction of our magnificent roadway. Millions have been spent without citizen input. The residents of Tybee do not want a concrete jungle weaving through nature's lovely path. GDOT removes a few trees here, and a few scrubs there and then moves a mile or so away to repeat the destruction on another area of this delightfully curved trail.

We beg you to help us save this breathtaking scene and also save taxpayers further financial harm.

Tybee is similar to the drive to Key West form Florida City. Tybee has 3,000 year-round residents; Key West and the Keys have 40,000. Our understanding is that the widening of Key West was turned down due to FEMA objections.

This historic highway is an extension of Victory Drive in Savannah as a memorial to Veterans of World War I. Because my mother Estelle Powers McCracken was a disabled veteran of WW I, I hold dear each tree and bush planted and growing in their honor.

Please help the turtle families who cross over the road; the soaring birds who need trees and shrubs to rest and munch on. They also enjoy this piece of God's precious earth and want it preserved in its natural essence.

Thank you for many months of ceaseless effort for the people who needed you to guide them and their land. During your years of government you learned well what to do, how to do it and who to help you make Georgia great. God bless you.


Mary McCracken



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