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James Glass letter to the editor

Below is the published text of a Letter to the Editor that I sent in

"urban traffic woes instead of unneeded area highway construction
Your March 31 article, "Transportation group presses for tolls and
higher fuel taxes to pay for roadwork," concerning area traffic
costs, generated more than a little concern. The Road Information
Program appears to be largely composed of groups that reap monetary
benefits from highway construction, needed or not.
The Savannah area clearly can benefit from improved traffic flow in
some areas. However, it is urban traffic flow that needs to be
addressed first and foremost.
During summer weekends, I've been told that Tybee Island's traffic
level reaches approximately 10,000 cars a day now. At that level
there is insufficient parking available.
Other residents of Tybee complain about slow drivers holding up
traffic. Rarely does it take me more than 15 minutes to travel the
eight miles to Wilmington Island. Just what is the rush? The real
traffic problems occur when one reaches Thunderbolt or the west end
of President Street.
The proposed road project from Wilmington to Tybee will not produce
the desired result unless and until the east-west flow of traffic
within Savannah is addressed and remedied.
What it will produce is more pork barrel funding of highway
engineering and construction firms, labor unions and other groups. I
don't begrudge these parties needed employment, but let it be on
projects we really need, not just ones that sound nice."


Tybee Island

The original letter contained questions as to the negative impact on
Tybee businesses during the construction period, among other things.

Jim Glass
P. O. Box 2168
10 Oceanview Court
Tybee Island, GA 31328


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