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Greetings fellow Tybee Islanders:

Employee transportation has always been a strategic dilemma for the Tybee Island business community. Attracting and retaining quality hourly employees has always been a challenge for Tybee Island businesses because of the geographic separation between Tybee Island and affordable housing in Savannah. This challenge is compounded by the fact that Chatham Area Transit (CAT) public bus system does not service Tybee Island. Employees who want to work on Tybee Island and who do not wish to drive are forced to car pool or take a taxi which can be very expensive. Most people elect not to work on Tybee Island because of the transportation challenge. I believe the time has come to re-establish a daily Tybee-Savannah employee shuttle route. This route would be similar to the old C&H bus route that transported employees to Tybee Island from Savannah 15-20 years ago. I remember we at the Ocean Plaza and Veranda Motel relied heavily on that bus every day. Since the C&H line stopped running I personally have driven our employees to and from their homes in Savannah on dozens of occasions. I'm sure many of you have done the same.

I am redirecting the main focus of my other company, Toucan Taxi & Shuttle Service, to offering Tybee Island businesses an employee shuttle service. Hilton Head Island does the same thing. Every day several chartered buses go out into the surrounding countryside to pick up and bring employees to work on Hilton Head. We can and should do the same here on Tybee Island (on a smaller scale). If you or your company are interested in participating in this employee shuttle program please reply to this email. The more companies who participate the lower the cost will be for everyone. I think this is a good idea and wanted to bring it to everyone's attention. I look forward to your reply.


With Best Regards,
Harry G. Spirides
Chief Executive Officer
Ocean Plaza Beach Resort
1401 Strand Avenue
P.O. Box 2880
Tybee Island, GA 31328
Voice: (912) 786-7777 ext. 500
Fax: (912) 786-0400
Email: Harry@OceanPlaza.com
Website: www.OceanPlaza.com


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