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Polk Street taken off of the beach advisory.

Tybee Polk St was put under permanent advisory in 1999. The decision was a joint one between the EPD, City of Tybee, DNR, and the Health Dept. and was based on chronically elevated levels of fecal coliform. Once the beach was placed under permanent advisory, DNR no longer tested the beach. Earlier this year, DNR resumed testing Tybee Polk St on a quarterly basis, in order to be consistent with the other beach under permanent advisory, Kings Ferry (off of US Hy 17 on the Ogeechee, just north of Richmond Hill).

DNR had also added Tybee Polk St. to our reporting to EPA and had added it to the Earth911 web site.

Apparently some Tybee beach-goers who use the Earth911 site noticed the addition of the permanently advised Polk St beach on the web site. These citizens started calling the city for answers. So Mark Williams (Tybee Public Works Director) called DNR a couple of months ago and asked if there was anything that could be done about the permanent advisory.

At that time, we had the results of one sample. The enterococcus level was very low (less than 10). Elizabeth had another quarterly sample taken and again the enterococcus level was very low.

DNR resumed weekly testing last week. The enterococcus levels were very low again. At that time Elizabeth talked to Dewayne Tanner at the Health Dept. and he agreed that if this week's sample was low again, they would lift the advisory rather than waiting for 4 weeks worth of data.

Elizabeth got the results for this week's sample yesterday (Wed) afternoon - the enterococcus level was 6. So Dewayne had the new Chatham Health Dept. PR lady, Ginger Heidel, send out a press release lifting the advisory.


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