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  • Manage and plan growth to prevent sewage spills into sound and rivers.
  • Utilize police and fire department recommendations for emergency management and crowd control.
  • Parking and emergency transportation needs.
  • Examine the toll road concept relative to road cost and maintenance; parking vs. toll revenues; replacement of the original median and speed limit adjustment.
  • Ensure potable water and greenspace conservation in the community.
  • Maintain dunes and dune field protection.
  • Obtain beach and estuary nourishment funding and protection.
  • Establish community garden plots, nature walks and bikepaths.
  • Re-invigorate the Caretta Turtle Project.
Government Regulations
  • Improve the level of assistance from regional, state and federal agencies.
  • Work for increased city-county communications and cooperation, especially with emergency services.
Codes & Ordinances
  • Enforce laws fairly & consistently.
  • Control tourist crowds and special events with public safety and emergency accessibility as primary concerns.
  • Obey zoning setbacks, height limits and greenspace requirements.
Tybee History
  • Promote a repository for individual & family stories and mementos of Tybee history.
  • Rejuvenate Historical Marker program.
  • Support the preservation of historic buildings & sites.
  • Establish the official position of Tybee Historian.
  • Encourage family recreation while stressing litter & noise reduction.
  • Promote Eco-Tourism.
  • Repair Boat Ramp at Alley #3.
  • Extend the bike & hiking trail to Tybee.
  • Work with Chamber of Commerce to support kayaking, elderhostel and bed & breakfast / inns.
  • Support local artists & craftsmen.
  • Maintain the informal resort-residential atmosphere of Tybee Island.
  • Work to preserve historic sites and structures.

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