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Highway Widening Poll Results

Highway 80 Widening
Should Hwy 80 be widened?
Yes (9) 43%
No (12) 57%

It is ridiculous, expensive "answer" to weak reasoning. 05/04/02 11:53:18 AM MST
You are destroying history 05/03/02 9:37:44 AM MST
Road widening can't be about the threat of hurricane evacuations or highway safety. There simply is no evidence to support these reasons supporting this project. The road should be given Scenic anf officiall Historic status(living memorial trees to WW1 KIA). The DOT should instead bury the utility lines,provide scenic pulloffs and marsh boardwalks,and most importantly build a ferry terminal serving Tybee,Riverstreet,and Hilton Head. The location just east of Lazzaretto creek bridge would be perfect for a ferry terminal,parking area,and park promoting: shuttle busses,kayak launching and the use of Bikes on Tybee. We need somrthing like this to enhance the uniqueneess of our Island,not dillute it,as a new highway would. ,and the Do 04/16/02 11:05:03 AM MST
More people can get AWAY from that beach!!!!!!!! 03/31/02 3:58:53 PM MST
It would destroy the wetlands 03/28/02 11:29:39 AM MST



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