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The Savannah River Pilots boat has seen two boats this months in front of
Tybee pulling Mag's searching for something.

The other day they call the vessel Weather Bird an asked what they were
doing. The reply was, they were looking for some scrap metal for the Corp. of
Engineers on a four day contract. What was strange was this was a fully
equipped research vessel looking for scrap? When they told me I ask someone
to call and ask what the vessel was really doing out there. The Corp. denies
the boat is working for them or the boat a few weeks ago was working for

Well, it was out there looking for something and coasting someone a lot of
money a day. So who is looking for what, we have local boat that can Mag here
in Savannah why bring in a boat from somewhere else to do such a simple job
if they weren't clandestinely looking for the bomb?

This can be verified with a call.
J. Paulsen Helmken
(912) 786-0647


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