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Duke message 06-14-01
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Everyone became concerned today with US Corps of Engineers confirmation that the 2 search vessels off Tybee were not instruments for the Corps as those boats radio'ed.  That fabrication is a violation of Federal law and in this specific area of operation becomes a matter of immediate concern.  The Corps chief navigation who runs the show confirmed the above and wanted us to call the FBI.

The head of the Savannah office of the FBI, Agent Bill Kirkconnel was contacted by Bert Soleau of our team and the Agent is moving immediately on this. 

The CO of Coast Guard Savannah, The local head of CEMA Savannah, Cong. Kingston's office, are alerted and involved.  Washington is alerted and becoming involved. 

This will crank up to warp 8 this afternoon.  Stand by for more at any moment.


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