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THE HIGHWAY 80 PROJECT Arizona Fun Facts


Current route in Arizona: Defunct
Current route nationally: Tybee Island, GA to Dallas, TX

Historical route in Arizona: NM border near Lordsburg to Yuma
Existed: 1927 - 1989
Historical route nationally: Tybee Island, GA to San Diego, CA


US 80 was one of the major cross-country routes in its day, and was dubbed "The Ocean-to-Ocean Highway". In Arizona, it dipped down to Douglas, then up to Phoenix, before heading toward San Diego. I imagine most cross-country travelers took AZ 86 and AZ 84 as shortcuts.

US 80 was cut short at Benson in 1978. The loop from Phoenix to Gila Bend became part of AZ 85. The remainder hung on for a while through Douglas, but it was eventually eliminated through western Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. In Arizona that last loop became AZ 80.

During the 1930s there was a US 80A in Phoenix, running on Van Buren from 17th Ave. to 19th Ave., and along 19th Ave. to rejoin US 80 at Buckeye Rd. The 1977 ADOT route log shows a RELIEF US 80 along Washington/Jefferson St. After US 80 was routed to a new bridge over the Colorado River, the old route became BUSINESS US 80 in Yuma from 1957-1976.

A number of bridges along the route are still in use.





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